With this research project we intend to offer in an academic plan an interdisciplinary solution to the concrete problems with which confront the contemporary societies characterized by cultural diversity. Multiculturalism does not create ethnic alloys, the minorities will not let themselves engulfed by the majority ethnic groups, but they preserve with sacrifices their integrity and demand the recognition of their unmistakable forms of expression and style. The recognition politics and the cultural rights represent priority landmarks in the social and political philosophy of the present. We propose to complete the efforts of the theoreticians from the social fields with a typological and figurative analysis of the postmodern social imaginary in order to identify the possible influences upon the manner in which it should be thought normativity in the multicultural public space. In the new public sphere, the principles of justice and the deontological regulations are counter-weight by the identity demands from the part of the ethnic groups and the forms of partial consensus and modus vivendi concur with the unconditional adhesion to the classic variant of social contract. Following the hypothesis of cultural territoriality, we propose to demonstrate the impossibility of forms of non-ethnic and non-territorial culture and the survival of some archaic forms of the imaginary in the symbolical construction of the ethno-cultural identity and in the perception of new social relations.
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